Cardio, Fitness, Power Lifting, Core Training, CrossFit When you train, you only have one goal: boosting your performance. Philipp Halfmann trains champions and champions train smarter than anyone else, not harder! Be smart, train hard, become a champion!
Dont't Give Up In the moment of defeat Winners Blame Themselves, losers blame others. Contact Philipp to schedule your complimentary fitness evaluation and start training like a winner.
Got Haters? Great! Jealousy is the acknowledgment of your accomplishments! So feel good about yourself, have the energy to do great every day and train with Philipp.

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Philipp Halfmann - Conditioning Coach

Champions find a Way - Losers find Excuses

Philipp Halfmann is a sports science expert, author, educator, public speaker, strength & conditioning coach, ATP tennis touring coach and TV contributor.

He is the In-house Personal Trainer at the Waldorf Astoria Spa & Gym in Berlin specializing in modern workout programs for business professionals, professional models & athletes.

Training Programs

Train Hard, Train Smart and Look the Part.

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Athletic Training

Maximize Your Performance.

Flexibility Training

Reduce Pains & Aches.

Interval & Core Training

Get Shredded in No Time.

Stability Training

Control Your Body.

Lady Fitness

Tone Your Body.

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Outdoor Training
95 € 65 €

Per Hour

Book Now for 65 €

Personal Outdoor Training
(Berlin Tiergarten)

Warm up
Cool Down

DeLuxe Gym Personal Training
135 €

Per Hour

Book Now for 135 €

Personal Indoor Training
(Waldorf Astoria Berlin Zoo)

1000sqm Spa / 80sqm Gym
Swimming Pool
Towels, Slippers, Shampoo
Water & Fruits
Free Parking

Personal Fitness Assessment
195 €

Book Now for 195 €

Flexibility Tests
Performance Tests
Nutrition Analysis

1000sqm Spa / 80sqm Gym
Swimming Pool
Towels, Slippers, Shampoo
Water & Fruits
Free Parking


+49 30 5770 3634 0
Hardenbergstraße 28, 10623 Berlin Charlottenburg

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What our clients say

Training with Philipp gave me everything I needed to get ready for the next season. He pushed me and made sure I got my mind and body right.

Aleksandra Collins

I came to Philipp to increase power and overall strength and conditioning. The workouts were hard but fun and I saw the results I was looking for.

Mike Herrmann

When I started I was a bit out of shape but within a few months I was able to tone my body all the way down to 13% body fat! I really appreciate his expertise, effort and energy and would recommend him to anyone looking to get into shape.

Festus Fink

I had been an active tennis player my entire life but recently gained weight due to knee surgery. The athletic training was perfect for me because it was fun, competitive and kept me motivated. I have lost 20 lbs. in 2 months and was able to maintain it afterwards.

Tina Mertens

I am a professional model and I trained with Philipp for two years, three times per week. My body, mind and career changed so much it is amazing!

Shalisa Brooks

I have been working out with Philipp now for 4 months and I have seen a huge difference in my body. He does a great job at listening to what your goals are and lets you know what you need to do to get there, not only at the gym but on your own time as well. His workouts are fun, intense, and he is extremely flexible with your schedule.

David Hayes